Friday, September 9, 2011

See You in September

by Wendy Russell

September arrives with little fanfare.  It bridges the gap between sweet summer and glorious fall.  There’s a touch of melancholy to the first weeks of the month as Labor Day signals the end of summer and the school buses begin to roll by.  By mid-month, the page turns and the first hints from autumn’s paintbox seem to appear overnight.  The goldenrod and asters begin to bow to the commanding oranges, reds and yellows of the leaves and the sky clears to a brilliant blue that invites you outdoors.  Art and craft shows abound.  The exhilarating feeling of walking an outdoor show in crisp fall weather invites artisans and customers to the venues to buy and sell handmade art, craft, and enticing food.  It’s the perfect time to get your holiday list in order and treasure hunt for unique, fairly priced gifts made by amazing people.

Search your area, or plan a road trip and treat yourself to these outdoor experiences where you’ll meet the people behind the goods you purchase.  They’re not so hard to find… just follow the scents of hot cider and chili and the sounds of people making the best of life.   Add a firsthand story about meeting the artisan to your gift.  The human touch adds immeasurable value.

Can’t get away?  Weather uncooperative?  Enjoy the handmade experience from home with the current Indie Artisan’s Online Collections

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