Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Transition Time

More than any other season, Autumn is the time when our recognition of change seems strongest. It is when we start a three-month celebration of all our feelings about what change does to our lives. Halloween has become a great way to transmute our natural fear of change, endings and the unknown. We get to go play in the dark places, look at the skeletal foundation of things and explore new identities behind the safety of masks. We give ourselves permission to be ghoulish and frolic in the face of everything that on a different day, would terrorize us as being one of our deepest fears. So turn out the lights, grow some claws, pop in a pair of fangs and go have a hoot in your favorite pumpkin patch or haunted house. It’s time for Halloween!
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What's that scraping on the window?                                       Kitteh is not at all alarmed!
Gloves with claws from SnippetFairy                                       Feline Stuffed Toy from RedwoodDawn

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