Tuesday, August 28, 2012

IndieArtisans embrace Fall.

Back to School

September marks the beginning of a new year, sometimes with more impact than January 1st. Mothers hold little hands and let go at the doors to preschool. Big kids look forward to meeting new teachers and greeting friends. Teachers prepare classrooms and curriculum. High school grads leave home with a move to college and their first taste of independence. Ready or not, the new school year has begun.

            Wherever you are in this calendar of events, IndieArtisans can help smooth the transition.

Your little one off to preschool or Mom's Day Out for the first time.

Big kids need cool stuff for their supplies!

Fulfill teachers' wishlists.

A care package for your college student.

Soon enough we'll all be back in the routine of things and back to school will be back to business as usual!  Even if it doesn't quite feel like it where you live and learn, Happy Fall everyone.
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