Friday, January 13, 2012

The Color of Love

What exactly is the color of love? While red would be the obvious color of love, it is by no means the only color I think of for love. In Indie Artisans newest collection The Color of Love you will find red, pink, lavender, and black.

Red is the color of passion and romance and you will certainly find a lot of it in this collection. But you will also find shades of pink as well as lavender; a softer color of love. And a wedding isn’t complete without the elegant color combination of black and white.

The artists that make up Indie Artisans pour there love into their art and you will love the items featured in this collection. There is a lot to see. Take your time and enjoy all that The Color of Love has to offer. Snag the perfect gift for your special Valentine. You can even find a Valentine gift for your child or dog!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Indie Artisans.