Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Breath of of Deep Winter

My husband and I spent many of our first New Years Eve nights together in upstate New York. My parents had a small cabin where we would spend a few relaxing days after all of the excitement of Christmas. We would celebrate with my parents and a few neighbors toasting at midnight and then shooting off fireworks. It was so cold! But being out in the dark crisp night air, taking in a deep breath of winter and exhaling was both refreshing and peaceful. It felt like a cleansing breath; leaving behind the old year and getting ready for the New Year.

As we get ready to enter the New Year, the talented artists of Indie Artisans have put together their latest collection “A Breath of Deep Winter.” In it you will find the colors of midnight, crisp blue winter skies, snowy icy whites and bright cardinal reds. So grab a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy this great collection with a wide array of amazing handmade offerings.