Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Color of Love

When you think of Valentine’s Day and “The Color of Love” I would bet that the first color most of us think about is red, followed by pink. I know I do. My first memories of Valentine’s Day are of those little cards we gave to each other as elementary grade school children. They were covered with red and pink hearts in all shapes and sizes. They came in a variety box usually with one special card that was bigger than all the others in the box. I can still remember sitting at my desk as a third grader holding my breath hoping to get one of those special cards from the cute boy sitting in the next row.

Indie Artisans newest collection “The Color of Love” is out. The color red abounds in this collection and is filled with all the things that say I love you. You’ll find love birds, chocolates, flowers, and hearts. But more importantly, these items are all unique, special and made with love by very talented artists. Is there someone holding their breath hoping for a special Valentine gift from you?

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